Thursday, December 27, 2007

Setting up a webserver to host the Html files that come with PingIt.

In this article i'm going to describe how you can setup a webserver hosting the html files that are included in PingIt. The html files display a very simple webpage with the data of the outputed csv file as html table. Nothing fancy. But in very near future i want to do some stuff with rss and somehow none of the feed applications are able to use rss feeds located on a local disk.
I don't mind anyway, since it's much nicer to have to feeds available for more than only me.

I've searched for a simple webserver, since it's all static content from a webserver point of view
The webserver i'm using in this article is shttpd ( simple httpd ). For a simple webserver it even has quite some nice features like md5 auth, ssl, cgi. It can be found at:

I'm using 1.38 ( latest version, this time of writing ) You'll probably just want to grab the latest available.

It's a easy setup, shttpd is only one executable, i've unzipped it to C:\shttpd-1.38_win32

made a subdirectory called data.

In C:\shttpd-1.38_win32\data i've copied all the html files that are included in the PingIt zip.

If you start shttpd, you'll notice a icon that looks like a leaf. If you right click on it , go to settings. The Following screen is visible.

Here you can see that i've already changed the Web Root directory to C:\shttpd-1.38_win32\data

Change that too, save settings.

Last change is adapting your batch file so that the output.csv is written to C:\shttpd-1.38_win32\data

And your done. Go to to see the result.

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