Friday, December 28, 2007

csvrss 0.1 released

The first release of csvrss. I've versioned it, at 0.1 since it's still very specialized in combination with pingit.

What does csvrss do. If you have two same structured csv files. That means same amount of columns in the same order. It tries matching the first columns of those files with each other and see if a value of column x has changed. It reports 3 kind of changes:

  • The value of the first column doesn't exists in the older csv, that means it's added.
  • A value of the first column in the older csv doesn't exist anymore in the newer, that means it has been deleted.
  • The value of column x of matching first columns is different, that means there has been a change.

These changes are appended as items to a (existing) rss file.

The targets for future releases are: using more standard available libs for the xml and csv involved ( under the hood ) . The second target is making it more general, so it will be usefull for other csv diff-ing tasks. You can think of , a primary consiting of multiple columns, looking for changes in multiple columns, other outputs beside rss, better guid generation.

The latest version of csvrss can be found at:

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