Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CSV results of PingIt showed as HTML page.

PingIt 1.1 includes html files that show the results of the csv file. You can open up index.html in the PingIt directory to see for yourself. You might get a bar on top of the screen to accept the use of a special control.
How it works and limitations:
Windows in combination with Internet Explorer has a Tabular Data Control. This control makes it very easy to display an csv file as table in your html page. Using this control comes ofcourse with two drawbacks, it won't work on a linux box, neither it will with FireFox on a Windows Machine. Details about the control can be found at:
Adapt it for your own needs:
In PingIt 1.1 i've included sample html files that will work if the output of PingIt goes to output.csv. If you are outputting to a different file, you'll have to edit the onlinelist.html, offlinelist.html and alllist.html yourself.
To be specific, this part:
param nAme="DataURL" value="output.csv">
Looking for alternative:
The html files are very raw, i didn't even used css to muck it up. I'm still looking out for an alternative to it, that works out of the box, and is cross platform/browser. Maby a fancy javascript or something in AJAX.

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