Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PingIt and windows scheduler

In this howto you will read howto scheduling a pingit task, pinging a range of ip'ees every 5 minutes 24 hours a day. I've tested this on a Window XP pro SP2 machine. It' most likely will work on other configurations but it might be slightly different than on the screenshots showed here.
I've got pingit.exe located in C:\pingit\ directory , this is most likely different on your machine so you have to fill in your path where ever you see the path i've used.

Creating the batch file

I've used notepad to create a batch file called mypingit.bat with the following contents:

pingit 192.168.177.* > output.csv

Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> Add Scheduled Task

This will start the wizard
Pressing next

I’ve got pingit and the batch file located in C:\pingit\ this might be different
on your machine. Choose browse to locate and choose the mypingit.bat we’ve
created earlier.

After pressing open the following screen is visible:
Choose Daily at first, we’ll modify this slightly later on.

Leaving this all default, just press next.
To run tasks in windows the user credentials are needed.
Tick the box "Open advanced properties for this task when i click finish" and press finish.
The screen will open up in the Task tab, choose for the Schedule tab
And press the Advanced Button.
Tick on “Repeat task”

Choose to repeat every 5 minutes, you might what this more or less often.
Tick on Duration : 24 hours and 0 minutes.
Press Ok, You’ll return to the mypingit task panel

Then Apply in the mypingit task panel.

And Ok in the mypingit task panel

And your done

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